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Fall 2016

President's Message

Dr. Gary Nelson, President – Tyndale University College & Seminary

Recently I have found myself reflecting on the idea of being set apart. About what it means to be pulled out and somehow set with a purpose. The early church began as a small Jewish subgroup. However, the life and values of their faith increasingly set them at odds with their Jewish culture. In its infancy, the church embodied a steadfastness in the face of state-sponsored violence by Rome. Their faith and character threatened the Roman Empire. The result was persecution but the movement swept across the known world. When Chinese Christians underwent persecution behind the bamboo curtain many thought that the church in China would decline. Instead it grew! This is the path of Jesus - slightly out of step, often misunderstood but dynamic and life-giving.

Increasingly we find ourselves in similar circumstance. Slightly out of step, struggling to find place and voice it would seem easier to just fit in. Yet historically when the church faced difficult times their resilience enabled them to thrive rather than shrink. Their ability to keep their voice and their character and not lose hope impacted the cultures and societies around them. Now, more than ever, we live in a time in which resilience is becoming critical.

This is why Tyndale as a Christian university and seminary exists. Shaping a character, nurturing a faith and expanding the mind in such a way that deep change is a result. Education that simply stimulates the mind or gets you a job is not enough for followers of Christ. Formation of character and faithfulness is critical. Tyndale exists to create a movement of next generation leaders and faithful followers of Jesus. People who will live the resilient life of faith in a changing world- giving voice and influence to every place they find themselves. Your support is strategic in helping them face tomorrow’s world. Thank you.

In this update you will read several stories from alumni you have heard about within the past five years. We connected with them to find out where they are now. Harding Ng and his church have renovated their warehouse and opened a community centre. Having learned boundaries and rest at Tyndale, Arleen Gomez is now working for Yonge Street Mission during the day, and in the evenings is also a Live-in Housing Coordinator helping women heal from the sex trafficking trade. Curtis Hartshorn who hoped to go into ministry taught a course he developed to a class of 20 seminary students in Malawi this past spring. He helped one deaf student go from struggling to top marks. With your generous support Tyndale has shaped and given a foundation for these men and women to embody resilience and a way of life that can change the world. Consider a gift today as you read these stories and see the impact of your support which continues to bear fruit year after year.

As our culture continues to change and following Christ becomes more and more difficult, your gift becomes increasingly crucial. Our need this year is to raise $1.8 million to support Tyndale’s students in developing their resilience to thrive. Please consider a gift today.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Gary Nelson's Signature

Gary V. Nelson, DMin
President and Vice Chancellor
Tyndale University College
Tyndale Seminary

Tyndale Fund Update

Thank you for your support and partnering with Tyndale to shape a generation who is able to interact with the world in relevant ways. A generation who is resilient to resistance they face as salt and light. Your support makes it possible to continue preparing students with disciplined minds, transformed characters, and passionate faith. Thank you!

To date, 21%* has been raised of the Tyndale Fund’s $1.8-million need this fiscal year. Your gifts support the Tyndale experience by impacting programs, scholarships and bursaries, faculty, staff, activities and infrastructure. Real, practical needs are met today so that the needs of tomorrow can be met by Tyndale graduates who will go out into the world. Together with your faithful support, Tyndale can ensure the quality Christian post-secondary education it provides will continue. Please prayerfully consider joining us now and in the months to come.

To make a gift to the Tyndale Fund, call 416.226.6620 ext. 4117 or visit giving.tyndale.ca.

*As of August 31, 2016

Tyndale Fund Update - 21% raised of 1.8 million dollars

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View the Fall Update to read updates about alumni you have heard about in recent years. Find out how Harding Ng and his church are spreading the gospel through several outreach programs in their new community centre. Arleen Gomez works for Yonge Street Mission during the day and in the evenings supports women as they heal from the sex trade. Read about how Curtis Harshorn developed an entire Seminary course in just a few weeks during his trip to Malawi this past spring.

We hope these updates and more will inspire you. Download the Fall Update now to read the full stories of Tyndale alumni making a difference locally and around the world.

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